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cordless phone
Specifications 1.60,000 security code 2. One base phone can be equipped with 1-3 handset 3.20 channels or 10 channels for choice, to avoid disturbanceB and overhearing 4. The base has common rings and blue backlight 5. Both base and handset could normal communicate without electronic power 6. Transfer and intercom between handset and base 7. Pre-dial function 8. LCD displays outgoing numbers, incoming call number, communicate time, clock 9. Filter local code 10. Both base and handset have 10 groups memory number could to be saved, checked and dialed out. 11. Redial, delete and pause function 12. Both base and handset have 70 groups incoming call and 25 groups outgoing call could be saved, 13. Alarm clock function 14. Machine lock function 15. Built-in compressor and expander circuit to reduce communication noise 16. The handset has 16 kinds of rings for choose and blue backlight 17. The handset has voice talking incoming call numbers and outgoing call numbers 18. LCD brightness adjustable (1-4) 19. When you pick up the handset from base over 20 seconds, the base will hang off the phone automatically. 20. The handset has 16 groups incoming call numbers and 10 groups outgoing call numbers saved, checked and dial back. 21. The handset has alarm clock function 22. The handset has 2 step ringer volume adjustment,3 step communication volume adjustment.
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