Sell cordyceps powder

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We are manufacturer for producing cordycep powder, we can supply cordyceps cephalosporium Mycelia. Our annual production capacity is 500ton.
the spec of raw material is as follows,
1.100% of particle pass 40 or 60 mesh.
85%of particle pass 80 mesh.
2. cordycepic Acid 8 %
3. Polysaccharides 30-40%.
4. Adenosine (mg/g) , NLT >=0.30% By HPLC/MS
5. Total Plate Count(cfu/g) <1000cfu/g
6. Mold (cfu/g) , NMT <100cfu/g
7. Yeast (cfu/g) , NMT <100cfu/g
1) It's an ideal and superior nourishing product for children to promote
their growth and development in physical and intelligence
2) It can promote metabolism, improve cardiac muscle nutrition, and
enhance boost immunity, so it's good for the middle aged and elders
3) Treats well on nervous breakdown, inappetence, and malnourished
4) With a special effect in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, it also can
protect the heart
5) It can raise the exercise tolerance, improve sleep and appetite and
enhance the body's immunity
6) No toxic and side effects have been observed even after prolonged