Sell corundum brick

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Cast alumina(Corundum) goods

(Beta) -corundum is made up 100% (Beta) -alumina, strong resist desquamate capability, especially show high corrosion resistance of glass and nearly no contain glass phase and no pollute melting glass. It is used for a spot of glass material rising on the top of the structure, which can exert its excellent characteristic.

Chemical Composition(%) RA-H

SiO2 0.20

Al2O3 93.0

Na2O 6.5

Fe2O3 Tiny

TiO2 Tiny

Physical Properties

True Proportion (g/cm3) 3.26

Cold crushing strength(Mpa) 30

Thermal expansion rate (%) 10000C 0.65

15000C 1.01

Bulk density(g/cm3) PT 2.80

WS 3.00

Crystalline phase composition(%)

Glass phase <1

(Alpha) -Corundum --

(Beta) -Corundum >99