Sell cosmetic mica ( sericite Mica) for cosmetics, mineral cosmetics

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we manufacture Cosmetic Mica viz. sericite type of muscovite mica powder used in cosmetics for the first time in india.
A natural pigment derived from the mineral muscovite mica
off-white color. A low luster odorless powder with a mean particle size of 4.5 microns, iT HAS THE HIGHEST OIL ADSORPTION OF 82.4 GMS/100 ML & IS TESTED BY SGS
Provides a fine shimmer and low luster effects. Insoluble in liquids, suspends best in thick bases, Itcan be blended with other pigments. It is lightweight It helps to hide the imperfections in skin, while boosting the skin's radiance.
Usage: cosmetics and personal care products, lotions, soap, vanishing creams, lip balms, eye shadow liners, face packs. body powders, mineral cosmetics,

we have used it personally as a face packs, & have received amazing results. we also given our samples to beauty parlours in Pune who has used it as a face pack on dark complexion people and have received good results in removing dark spots and getting a glow.
please do not take this lightly, you can try our mica and see the results