Sell cotton canvas

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The enterprise produces all kinds of specifications, the product mainly has: The polyester fiber filters the cloth, the polyamide fiber filters the cloth, the polypropylene fiber filters the cloth, the vinylon filters the cloth, the ribbon third gathers the system to filter the cloth and each kind of specification stainless steel mesh and so on over 60 species, more than 2,000 kinds of specifications are widely used in smelt industry sector and the chemical, drugs manufacture, system sugar, mine, petroleum, ceramic, food, aerospace and so on. The annual output 6 million square meters, the output is situated the national industry to filter cloth profession fifth. The product is largest scale may amount to 5 meters. 750 A, 750 B, 750 A B, 858 and so on the industrial used cloth is uses the Italian import equipment production, its thickness, the density, which other domestic factories cannot achieve. 295 - 1, 3,927, 120 - 7, 8,222 and so on achieves the home best level.