Sell cotton cohesive elastic bandage(Guardrip LF )

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A Latex free, Hand Tear, cohesive elastic bandage with cotton and spandex woven material, it sticks to itself only. Length and width can be made according to your requirement, available in multiple colors to meet your application needs.
Guardian is proud of being the first one who starts developing and succeeds in developing Latex free cohesive elastic bandages in China. The technology has been applied for National patent. Guardrip-LF surpasses all the other counterparts worldwide in major parameters.

1. Free of Latex(EP contents<=50ppm) ;
Eliminated potential protein-induced allergic reactions;
1. Adheres to itself, non-sticky to hair or skin; no pins or clips needed;
2. Cotton fabric; Tear clean;
3. Porous, allow skin to breath and comfortable to users
4. Protects primary dressings
5. Provide controlled compression;
6. Reliable strength, tensile strength 135N;
7. Water resistant, will not loose with sweat by water;
8. 8 colors available

Use Guardrip LF for:
Guardrip LF for non-slip support and relief dressing in case of distortions and ligaments, contusions, sprains and bruising. Also as a relief dressing for follow-up treatment fractures. For comprehensive use in sport.

Guardrip LF can be used to immobilize thumbs, wrists, hands and ankles.

Keep ice packs, or knee braces in place.

Guardrip LF can be used in place of pre-wrap, as a base under white cloth trainers tape.