Sell cotton polo shirts t/c 65/35 pique and

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Our Shaoxing County Yongsheng dyeing printing Co. , Ltd is one of the biggest mill
who produce various fabrics and garments.
The below are some of our goods specifications:
Cotton and T/C:
100% cotton 40x40 133x72 57/58
100% cotton 60x60 90x88 55/56
20x16 120x60; 16x12 108x58
Cotton spandex poplin:40x40/40D 50/52; 57/58
T/C 45x45 110x76 44/45; 58/60
T/C 45x45 133x72 44/45; 58/60
100% linen 9x9 44x43 54/55
100% linen 14x14 54x54 54/55
linen /rayon 10x10 44x38 54/55
100% Ramie 21 x21 60x60 54/55
Yarn dyed:
T/C 45x45 110x70
T/C 45x45 120x80
Cotton 32x32 80x68
Cotton 40x40 133x72
Rayon dyed and printed
30x30 68x68
40x40 100x80
T/C 45x45 88x64 all over/border embroidery
T/C 45x45 96x72, 110x76 43/44 two tone/three tone embroidery
Cotton/Chiffon/Georgette/Linen/denim/corduroy embroidery
Polyester and Nylon: Polyester chiffon. Georgette, Satin, Pongee, Peach Skin,
Nylon Taffeta. Suede Nap, Taslon, Poly Taffeta.

1) Jackets and coat
2) Jeans
3) Sportswear
4) T-shirts, Polo shirt
5) Underwear
6) Padded and down garments
7) Hometex
8) Swimwear others
The above only some specifications.
The details please see our website: Yongshengchina