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As one of the most active body part, wrist is very easy to get hurt, and the chance to get muscle inflammation is also very high. If you want to protect it well from getting hurt or soon be heal over, wearing wristband is an effective way, because it can reduce the pressure and swelling , also can limited your activities , let the hurt part to get a good relax.
Meanwhile, with the development of the living standard of the people, wristband is becoming more and more popular to be used as leisure sport product or decorative accessories. As a result, companies or some brand names prefer to choose wristband as promotional gift or free present when working on a campaign to promote their sales.
Kingspeed Sports owns years of experience specialized in the sport products production. Our wristband series products are elaborate in appearance, humidity absorptive and airy, especially suitable for people on their sport doing or leisure time.
The R&D of Kingspeed, keeping pace with changes in the market, is constantly developing on new kind wristbands.
The mainly material for wristband are including cotton, terylene, nylon, acrylic and fibre etc.
With different needs, wristband can be combining t together with different fittings to become new products, for instance, wristband watch, wristband compass, wristband projector, wristband step-calculator, zipper wristband, MP3 wristband and sparking wristband etc.
According to research, the most suitable material proportion for a wristband is: 80% cotton +12%elastic+8%nylon. The pliancy and comfort of this proportion is best conform to peoples feeling.
Ways of dealing logo: Embroidery, woven label, silk print, heat transfer print, heat sealed, TPU, etc. If for rain present use, woven label cost less when the quality is relatively large. But embroidery will is with more vivid effect, and it looks to be top grade.
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