Sell crawler hydraulic rock drill

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The Crawler hydraulic rock drill is a hi-tech product driven by hydraulic pressure, powered by electricity, diesel or petrol. It adopts advanced technology and novel structure, featuring low energy consumption, small size, light weight, huge impact energy, fast drilling, low noise, little vibration, trivial labor intensity. It is widely applied to drill mines of marble, granite, metal, non-metal and coal mines. It can be applied to drill in geologic exploration as well as drill shot hole in rock mining, electric, plants, railways, ports, bases, capital construction and national defense engineering. It can also be applied to control blast in old building removal in cities. Its working efficiency is 5 to 10 times of that of pneumatic drill, while consuming 1/3 energy of pnenumatic drill. Hydraulic rock drill is an ideal tool to replace the pneumatic drill.

Drilling performance:applicalbe to hard, semi-hard and soft rocks; drilling diameter from 36mm to 50mm; drilling speed over 800mm-1000mm/min; depth up to 9m. Its efficiency and performance overmatch foreign counterparts.
crawler hydraulic rock drill is of more advantages:
1. durable structure of the digging machine bearings
2. Commutative of hydraulic motors
3. Different and changeable width of organs
4. Gearbox protected with hard box wear plate
5. There is no need to remove the drill hammer