Sell crayfish meat

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frozen cooked crayfish meat: 80-100,100-150,150-250,250up pcs/lb
creamed crayfish meat and cream-free crayfish meat:
80-100,100-150,150-250,250up pcs/lb
frozen cooked shole crayfish(Swedish flavor) : 16-22,23-28,28-35 pcs/Kg
frozen cooked shole crayfish (American flavor) : 10-15 16-20 pcs/lb

The shrimp cream tastes like crab cream and is especially rich in Ca, P, Fe, Zn, and I. It also contains abundant Se, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and in vivo proteins that accounts for 16%-20% in total with low sugar, low fat and low cholesterol. Besides, the fat in crayfish is mainly consisted by unsaturated fat and fatty acid that are easy to be absorbed by human body.

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