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Automatic bread/dough Forming Production Line
Feature: 1, Intelligent control system, auto-adjust dough thickness & produce speed(optional); 2, No-stop sough sheeting & forming to make sure stable production; 3, Modular & flexible design for handling variety products; 4, User-friendly desi....
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Danish Pastry Forming Line/make up line
Function Description: Be able to make many kinds of pastry dough (such as croissant, pie, pinecone, circular/half-circular and triangle bread) and fermented dough etc. Suitable for pastry room, central factory, food factory and distribution center ....
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Cutting & Filling machine/equipment
Feathure: User-friendly design and operation; Stuffing filling through gear pump to make sure retion accurate; Application: Uauslly use for Croissant, Caterpillar bread, Puff etc. Capacity: 2000~3000 pcs/h This machine can be made ac....
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Dear Sir/ madam, MOI International is the in-house marketing arm of Ngo Chew Hong Oils & Fats and Mewaholeo Industries Sdn Bhd, the two leading manufacturers of edible oils and fats in Asia Pacific region. Currently, we build the third refinery, w....

Flavoured toasted bread, Biscuits and Snacks
We can supply the following products: - Soft Sponge Cakes - Garlic bread (toasted) - Pizza bread (toasted) - Onion Bread (toasted) - Bacon bread (toasted) - Mediterranean bread (toasted) - Tea Rusk (sweet and toasted) - Croissants - Milk b....
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We offer MILLING WHEAT Milling Wheat is one of the most important foods in all world. From Milling wheat is obtained white wheat flour, that is the defining ingredient in making breads, biscuits, pizza, pasta, croissants, waffles, crackers, pastr....
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Frozen Croissants
Italian frozen croissants, sweet and salted snacks,
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Pastry Margarine(for millefeuilles)
Besta (10 kg. ) Besta is a pastry margarine produced specially for millefeuilles pie ranges, croissants and various other puffy products. Features of the product; Provides maximum puffiness in the products. Identifies with the ....
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Pastry Margarine (for cold consumed pies)
Turyag Bvrek (10kg. ) Special pastry margarine for cold consumed different types of pies and croissants. Features of the product; Made of 100% vegetable oils resistant to high temperatures. Thanks to its elastic structure, preve....
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Cake and Biscuit Products
We are processing the wide variety of Cake and Biscuit products. Our cake products range includes variety of Pound cakes, Swiss Rolls, Sponge cakes, Chocolate coated rolls, Biscuits, Cookies, Croissants, Rusk and Pastries.
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