Sell crystal glass business gifts

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Main products: Snuff bottle, Inside crystal ball painting, Inside pen container painting, Inside screen painting, Inside vase painting.

Functions of the inside painting artworks.
1> The inner painting craftworks are characterized for its pictures inward outer wares. They are easy to be kept because of the unworn images. The inner painting and outer ware could make double increase in value rapidly.
2> As a craftwork, it can decorate your working place. A vivid painting of your companys advertisement may bring you surprises in marketing.
3> Placing it in reading room or sitting room can not only prettify the living space but also enhance artistic sense of the family.
4> Sending it as a gift to your friends can build up better relationships.
5> Enjoying it as an artwork can relax your tension and edify your mind.
6> Drawing your lovers image in the craftwork can keep the merry times remembered and last for ages.