Sell crystal lamp / light 1

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1. power: 12V(input voltage 220VAC) 20W
2. size:21cm*20cm*11cm
3. weight:1kg
4. verify:CE

Lamps and lanterns types and uses for civil use
Walking on the lamps and lanterns market, there are varieties of lamps and lanterns, thus we should pay attention to select while purchasing. Selecting a kind of lamps and lanterns which is suitable for the living room, not only to add glory for the living room, it is said that to give a person pleasure while he is working in intensity. Choosing which type and which lamps and lanterns, deponds on peoples loving, tasting, appreciation of the beautiful and the living rooms decorated environment, meanwhile, basically we should comprehend the use and the function of the lamps and lanterns. Apart from the sepup type, generally civil lamps and lanterns have following types,
Pendent lamp, hanging below the celling of the building through suspender, hanging chain or rising and falling equipment. Among the civil lamps and lanterns, the variety of designs, colors of the pendent lamp is the most. They are consist of different sculpture, big and small folk, and matching different glass lamp covers and decorations. After all, pendent lamp mostly used to light for the whole building.
Top light, the chassis of the lamps is set on the celling, however, the variety of designs, colors of the top light are also different, the number is also large. The top light also used in the whole lighting, but it is suitable for the low building, commonly no higher than 2.5 meters, and the top light are widely used in the drawing room and bedroom.
Wall lamp, the chassis of the lamps is set on the wall, the variety of the designs, colors are fewer than pendent lamp and top light, usually set on the above of the head of the bed of the bedroom, for partly luminance, mainly used for people who like to read a while before sheeping.
Desk lamp, can be placed on the desk, removable. Desk lamp belongs to partly lighting lamp, which are widely used in working, studying, so when we choose the desk lamp, not only take its decoration effect into consideration, we should also think over its luminance, glare, light display color character of optics character, and so on.
Floor lamp, which is placed on the ground, removable. The floor lamp also belongs to partly lighting lamp, usually placed near besides the sofa of the drawing room, mainly used as leisure illumination.
The lamp and lanterns of the above are compartmentalized by setting types, except these five types, there are also compartmentalized by uses, for example, the bathroom lamp which is used for bathroom or toilet, the closet lamp and the bureau lamp which are used for closet or bureau, the curtain lamp and the carpet lamp which are used for decoration illumination, the underground lamp and the small night lamp which are used for the night illimination, the spot lamp and the track lamp and the fresco lamp which are used for emphasizing lighting, the tube lamp and the celling lamp which used for the diffuse reflection of the whole drawing room, etc.
Above all, when we choose the lamp and lanterns, not only think over their quality, their uses and function are also be took into consideration.