Sell cumene hydroperoxide

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Formula: C9H12O2
Molecular Weight: 152.2
Assay: >=80%
Appearance: slight yellow liquid
Flash Point: 610
Density: 1040Kg/m3
Viscosity: 10.4mPa. s
Active oxygen: >=8.40%
PH: >4
Iron hydronium: <=12ppm
Copper hydronium: <=5ppm
Solubility: Dissolve alcohol ketone and cumene venomousness mixture.

The product can be used as vulcanizing agent in manufacturing styrene-butadiene rubber and evocating agent in manufacturing chloroethylene polymer, acrylic polymer and so on.

The product was packing with plastic pail, the barrelhead should be airproof, 200 kilogram per pail.

Storage And Transport:
Fieriness bounce, drench, solarization are forbidden when the product is transport, otherwise, the prescribe about traffic should be abidanced.
The bursary should be dry and aeration, the temperature should not high than 40 degree.