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LZZBJ9-10C1 current transformer, epoxy resin casting insulation and fully enclosed support construction, encloses the primary & secondary windings and annular core in the epoxy resin casting body. The product has the feature of light weight, omnidirectional installation, withstanding nastiness and dampness. It is widely used for measuring the current, electric energy and relay protection in the electrical system with the rated frequency 50Hz and rated voltage 10 kV or 11kV.
Usage terms
1. Ambient temperature: -5-400
2. Height above sea level within 1000m
3. Installation site: indoor
Main technical parameter
1. Rated voltage: 10kV or 11kV
2. Rated secondary current: 5A or 1A
3. Highest voltage for equipment: 12 kV
4. Rated power-frequency withstand voltage: 42kV (GB standard ) or 28kV(IEC standard )
5. Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage:75kV
6. Rated insulation level: 12/42/75kV (GB standard ) or 12/28/75 kV(IEC standard )
7. Burden power factor: cos"=0.8(lagging)
8. Standards: GB1208-2006《 Current transformer》 and IEC60044-1.2003

Water inlet and outlet are located in the lower parts of the water tank with easy installation
It can be installed the auxiliary electric heater and intelligent controller according to requirements
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