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Brand No.1 in Cutting Machine in China.
1) The model CG2-150B Profiling Gas Cutting Machine is designed to fabricate different shapes of workpieces according to the shapes of template automatically. It is a quite satisfying gas cutting machine when used for producing workpieces with the same shape in batch. Based on model CG2-150B, we developed the model CG2-150A which is characterized by cutting the largest diameter of 1800mm.
2) The model GCD2-100 Portable Flame Cutting Machine is a kind of automatic cutting machine that works along the guide rail. Based on model GCD2-100, We developed the model GCD2-100A. It is equipped with double cutting torches which are very efficient and can cut two straight lines.
3) The model CGD-325A Pipe Gas Cutting Machine is designed for cutting steel pipe. It can cut around the pipe surface by permanent-magnetic wheels. It can also be used in horizontal, vertical and face-upward directions, and even cut bevel edge by slightly changing the inclination angle of the torch. After replacing the torch, you can use for welding. Currently it is widely used for steel pipe gas cutting.
4) Equi-pressure Tip features long service life, high efficiency, safety reliability, accurately manufactured. With 30 degrees plane, this product can replace other foreign products. The High-speed Tip is a high quality product. Using de Laval`nozzle as the cutting oxygen nozzle to obtain high speed cutting oxygen flow. Using the Equi-pressure Tip, the cutting speed will rise about 20-30%, and the cutting finish can reach above. (Please note that the model GK1 high-speed tip uses acetylene as the fuel gas, while model GK3 high-speed tip uses propane as the fuel gas. )