Sell cyanoacrylate super glue

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12PCS aluminium tubes(cyanoacrylate super glue--12pcs/card) or 1-2pcs/card
High viscosity adhesive for the office and family features the characteristic as long shelf life and as well as strong toughness and low bloom. it is suitable for the repairing and the adhesive of exquisite goods, such as jade, leather, porcelain, wood, leather, toys and artwork.

MASTER BOND is for a famous brand of YOUXING Adhesive Enterprise. We are mainly produce the Cynaoacrylate adhesive, 12pcs tube super glue, 1 or 2pcs packing super glue, epoxy, hot melt glue, glue stick, anaerobic sealant glue, laminated board glue, and all kinds of wood , furniture glue, PU/PVC glue, white glue, Water-based PU adhesive and Nail glue, eyelash glue . . ect. .

We bond ABS, Acrylic, Aluminum, Bakelittem, Rubber, ceramics, cellulose, acetate, copper, leather, nature rubber, NBR, neoprene, nylon paper, plated metal, polyester, polycarbonlics, PVC, polyolefin, SBR and wood.

Each design and brand of our company have the legal resisted book in China. and we have already passed many kind of certificate for the product and management, such as ISO14001:2004 environmental system certification, SGS certificate of quality, ISO9001:2000, ECT. .