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SIGN SUPPORT SYSTEMS for panel & acrylic sign

We, AZEN Korea, are a manufacturer of SIGN SUPPORT SYSTEMS for panel & acrylic sign.

Our sign supports are precisely machined brass duralumin fittings that are used to support sign panels, display boards and notices.
They allow you to create stylish displays in minutes. If you are looking for an easy way to add value to your signage or display projects our sign supports are a perfect match of quality and value for money.

* Application;
1. Indoor mounting of display panels
1. Architectural signs
1. Directional and informational signage
1. Company directories, and other decorative applications etc.

* Advantage
We have 20years experience of pure gold?plating technology. Exclusive use of brass, or high-grade aluminum polished, anodized to bright chrome, white or black finish makes it great looking, timeless, and yet aesthetic effective.
1. Flexible and elegant: Flexible to meet your requirements. Signs of any width or height can be combined to create the desire effect.
1. Effectiveness & Harmony: Continuity among all parts. Harmony is achieved with a consistent approach to setting, color, typeface, material and form.
1. Simplicity: Perfectly mounted signs that are sure to get notice. Clearly communicate your message or service.
1. Unlimited Creativity: Make a strong design statement.

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John Suk (Gunho, Suk)
johnsuk azenkorea com