Sell decorative color design pattern glass machine

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the color pattern glass machine is researched by our company , no limitation of the design , even more you can make anybody's photos onto the glass . no need of the screen printing and spray color by manually , all color are shaped just one time . the machines also can produce vacuum laminated safety glass. Keeping on doing research, our company has developed many kinds of color glass, such as: Traditional Chinese Painting Glass, Landscape Glass, Figure Bust Glass, image of Buddha , Marble Vein Glass and True-to-life Polycrystalline Glass, laminated safety glass and so on , this machine is of fast speed , high quality , simple procedure and great solidity .

A. Color glass is produced, with no the handicraft sprays to draw and screen-printing. Computer processes its design, and all colors are shaped just one time.

B. Designs are of no limitations, of full color and clear gradation. Being able to produce colorful, gray and black-and-white glass, originally and not-deformed.

C. Machine is easy to operate, and workers are not required to have the knowledge of culture and art.

D. Finished products still keep perfect even after many times washing with acid and water.

E. Designs, once finished, could be used repeatedly. They can also be enlarged, contracted and reversed.
Supply Capacity
Available Colors
red and blue
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
YC-C220 , YC-C1170
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Terms of Payment
by T/T or cash
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