Sell dental air prophy unit. Dental Tooth Polisher.

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Dental polisher/dental air prophy unit YT-PSQ2

We have 2 holes and 4 holes, Attractive design allows for dexterous handling & manipulation
360: rotation assures effective hidden tartar removal
Disperses evenly with no splashing
Specially designed to prevent backflow and blockage
Easy to clean and simple to maintain
Easy replacement of working heads

Autoclavable to temperature of 1350
Water Pressure: 0.05MPa - 0.5MPa
Air Pressure: 0.2MPa-0.5MPa
Max. Waterflow: 30ml/min
Max. Powderflow: 2g-3g/min

Air Prophy Unit is a kind of mini and lightweight teeth polisher. The mini-Polisher could be used synthetically with complex treatment method in dental surgery. It could remove all of the tartar effectively. By the stable and homogeneous powder spurting out, it can clean up dirty mark on the tooth easily, and restore white and shiny feature of the teeth completely. It could be widely used in the teeth polishing, including resin materials, metal materials, porcelain teeth, etc. In the meantime, it can remove the germ spot and dyeing, such as smoke dirt, tea dirt and food dyeing etc. .
It could be connected to the joint of high speed manual machine of complex treatment unit, the air souse(0.2Mpa-0.5MPa) and water source(0.05MPa-0.5MPa) on complex treatment unit will control air pressure and water pressure of Mini-Polisher. The operating principle of Mini-Polisher is as follows: the sand blasting powder in case would spurt out from nozzle via pipeline by compressing the air into case. At the time of powder spurting out, it mixes with water spurting out from mouth of Mini-Polisher to form into a foggy mixture. And this mixture would spray on the surface of teeth.