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YZX-28A Integral Dental Unit
 Imported four-way high air turbine H. P(2 sets)
 Imported four-way low air motor H. P(1 sets)
 Resistant system for anti-reflux (Anti-cross inflection technology)
 Intelligence control electromagnetic valve system
 Silent DC motor(24V)
 Automatic cup filler
 Three way syringe
 Automatic suction and saliva ejector for strong and weak (1 set each)
 Dental operation light
 X-film viewer
 Built-in injecting water purified system
 Water system with tap water and purified water
 Turnable china cuspidor
 Turnable container
 Electric dental chair
 Versatile foot control
 Dental stool
 Built-out enforced water purified system
 Dental air compressor
 Dental endoscope system