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Hydraulic up-down system and controlled by computer automatically
Three control ways(main control, foot control and assistant control) ,6 sets of memory position
The speed of chair up-down, backrest backward-forward can be adjusted according to the need of doctor
One set of water suction tube with water reverse clean function, and can be cleaned without removing the line, sucking force is adjustable; one set of air suction tube which can be transformed to air suction directly, sucking force is adjustable
One-piece formed unit with the water, air and electricity supply/drain control box in the chair front or inside
Load weight: backrest must be more than 150kg, chair must be more than 200kg
Min. chair height:38mm
Chair length must be more than 190cm
The chair arm must extend from beneath the chair, and the position can be set at random.
The chair is with auto-round function and can test the chair function automatically. It will alarm when any problem happens.
The PCB board will be power off automatically when the hand-piece is in use, and the function of panel is invalid( except the auto water supply touch and spittoon flush touch) .
Two sets of imported high-speed hand-piece , one set of low-speed pneumatic motor (including straight and bent tips)
Water and air is controlled by electromagnetic valve.
The seat uses true leather
Two sets of imported 3-way syringe
One set of big size film-viewer(100mmW300mmW200mm) , 90 degree movable.
Intra-oral camera, can be used without a computer, and the photo can be fixed and taken by foot control.
One set of dental light, can be turned on automatically.
One set of hand-piece back-flow prevention device
High strengthen one-piece formed porcelain spittoon(diameter:245mm, depth:100mm)
One set of pure water conversion system
The joint points of the unit must be jointed by oil-free bearing
One set of doctor stool with true leather