Sell detox foot spa machine (EHM-08)

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Product Detox Foot Spa EHM-08B
Model EHM-08B
Packaging Size 40cm * 26cm * 14cm
Weight 5.7KG
Voltage 110V240V
Description * Ionic detox footbath with dual system, dual biggest LCD display, dual advanced FIR belts, steel house, aluminum + black leather carrying case.

[1]. All positive polarity, expels acidity substance and raises PH levels.
[2]. All negative polarity, expels heavy metals and lowers PH levels.
[3]. (70%+) (30%-) Expels acidity and heavy metals, increases PH levels. It is the most popular, suitable for most people.
[4]. (15+) (10-) (5+) Expels acidity and heavy metals, raises PH levels, suitable for all kinds of physicals.
[5]. (10-) (15+) (-5) Expels heavy metals and acidity, maintain PH level, appropriate for all kinds of physicals.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
110 or 240 Volts
Terms of Payment
TT / western union
Warranty Coverage
one year