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1. An external detoxification method, which removes toxins through feet;
2. The body detoxifies while comfortably seated with feet placed in a container with warm water;
3. By infiltration of ion, it can strengthen cell activity, improve metabolism, active the ferment in body, promote the detoxification of liver, reform dropsy, rheumatism and arthritis;
4. Promote the blood circulation and metabolism;
5. Dissolving the fat expels the toxin, increasing immune system;
6. Stimulate the brain cell, do away with the pressure, alleviate tired, increase sleep quantity;
7. Quick instauration physical strength, invigorate the spirit, increase attention.
1. New model design
2. Lcd panel shows time+working voltage+ion strength +5 working modes3. Easy to operate
4. The recorder of usage times, when you rent this machines to your customers, you can know how many times your customers use this machine only enter specific password. Or the users can record the usage times correctly by this design and help to evaluate when to replace the array. (our array usually can be used for 50 times. )
please designate 110 voltage or 240 voltage
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