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a. cold water heating, automatic insulation
b. Vibration Massage
c. magnetic therapy
d. far-infrared therapy
e. Separate water and electricity
1. Advanced PTC heating, separate water and electricity, safe and reliable;
2. Large basin, the middle is not block, easy to use.
3. Products featured: infrared heat bubble ozone, cost-effective, results are obvious.
4. Plantar four special wheel strengthening blood circulation, speed up blood circulation of foot, quickly alleviate foot fatigue.
5. Products have magnetic health functions and can improve the local cellular activity,
6. Ozone gas fully distributed into the water, which can get rid of bad smell and bacteria.
7. Ingredients: completely new material. PP plastic, does not contain any mixed waste materials.
8. Compact and lightweight, light weight, easy to carry, easy to pour water, easy to store and shipping.
9. The appearance is delicate and beautiful, more grades as gifts.
Efficacy: after use
1, eliminate fatigue, relax the body and mind quickly.
2, improve insomnia, weakness and other symptoms.
3, accelerate blood circulation, increase cellular oxygen consumption, improve anemia and poor circulation.
4, activate nerve cells, increase cell activity and immunity, and promote brain self-regulation, For many chronic diseases, such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar disorders, bone hyperplasia, nerve compression, nerve wilt Shrinkage, hemiplegia, etc. have a good adjuvant therapy. Its obivious that hot water foot bath is the most simple and effective way to remove physical fatigue .

Material: PP Plastic
Work environment: room temperature
Packing: beautiful gift box
Outside carton size: 450 * 245 * 385MM
Net Weight: 1.85KG
Jane 1 4 Sets
GW: 11KG
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