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Dextrose Monohydrate is White powder, it can be used for nutritional agent, with the use off cardiac stimulating, diuresis, detoxity etc. In food industry: becoming more and more important, it has replaced sucrose in many foods. In baking and beverages industry: it is used in the production of cakes and cold drinks as a new and high level additive to enhance taste, color and other properties.
Properties Specification
Appearance Colorless or White crystal
Acidity(ml) <=0.2
Choride(ppm) <=30
Sulfate(ppm) <=30
Alcohol-Insoluble Starch(mg) Less than 0.5 cloudiness
Sulfite and Dissoluble Yellow
Loss on drying % <=9.1
Residue on ignition, % <=0.1
Molysite(ppm) <=5
Heavy Metals(ppm) <=4
Arsenic(ppm) <=1
Pathogenic bacteria(unit/g) Not exist
Amount of Mold(unit/g max. ) <=80
Amount of Bacteria (unit/g max. ) <=800
Spot(unit/50g max. ) <=40

Outer packing:
25kg/bag, kraft paper in middle, plastic inside and outside
Dimensions: 860 x 420 x 80cm
shielded from light, dry and cool placement, sealed for storage.
Our Dextrose Monohydrate products are controlled under certified quality system ISO9001 and product safety are ensured by established safety system.
Full details and test method are available on request.