Sell diamond flexible wet polishing pads

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Our diamond flexible wet polishing pads are Used to achieve the glass shinning result on the marble, granite, engineered stone, concrete, terrazo, etc.
More flexible, long life and fast polishing speed
Diamond grit:50,100,200,400,800,1500,3000, buff
Polishing granite, marble, etc.
The faces of polishing pads are designed with straight or curved slots, so they could be bent or distorted freely. They are backed with loop Velcro so they could be attached to any of backer pads very easy. They are used for fabrication of marble, granite, ceramic, and other hard and fragile material, as well as non-iron metal. They are widely used to polish stone, porcelain profiles, tile floors, all kinds of table-boards and stone sculptures.

Their working layer thickness is 2.2mm, 3mm or 4mm

They are suitable for hand power machines with the power is 750W to 1500W that run up to a speed of 2000-10000 rpm.

Flexible Polishing Pads attach to the Flexible Backer pads are used for grinding profiles or concave or convex surface as well as flat surface of stone, while attach to the rigid backer pads are perfect for grinding a flat or level surface like floor.

The process procedure: the operator sticks the flex pad on a backer pads and screw into Arbor of a grinding machine, and then brings to bear some pressure to the machine to grind stone surface for five times come-and-go, at the same time, the operator must infuses water into the backer pad continuously during the operation.

Then, the operator should change a finer pad. The grits of pads are from #50, #100, #200, #400, #800, #1500, #3000, and #5000 to white/black buff in turn. According to the stone's quality and operator's experience, it could be cut down or save some positions of pads. White buff is used for light color stones and black buff for dark color stones. Each of grit is easily distinguished by different color of Velcro and the grit mark on the pad.

They are worked by water fed during the operation, so they are also called wet pads.
Measly water is needed from #1500, to #3000. For the buff, only less water is needed to wet the stone surface. This would make more friction resistance, and enough temperature on the surface of stone. Then stone surface is easily to be wiped off because of intenerate caused by momentary high temperature. But the stone couldn't be grinded by dry with too long time or it will result in burning or pigmentation. If burning appears, the worker must do work over again from #200 at least, and if the pigmentation appears, it must be from #400.