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Diamond Micron Powders
HHM-A :haracteristics: Adopting semiautomatic technology, highly concentrated size distribution, small coefficient of variation; Special treatment makes grain surface absorbing few impurities; Favorable hydrophilic performance thorough surface modification.
Applications: High standards required lapping, polishing, etc; High-grade diamond tools manufacturing; High-grade diamond sprays, suspension liquid manufacturing.
HHM-B :Narrow size distribution, small coefficient of variation; Regular shape, particle similar with a shape of ball; Low impurities, surface pureness, and fastness with bond. Applications: Gem stone, glass, ceramic and other related products processing; Diamond grinding wheel, PCD and other super-abrasive tools manufacturing.
HHM-M: High strength micron diamond powder.
Characteristics: Excellent diamond with high strength as well as low impurities as raw material; High strength, higher polishing capacities; Low impurities(intrinsic and extrinsic) , good thermal stability.
Applications: Lapping or polishing work pieces with metal, ceramic bond.
HHM-EC: Micron diamond powder apply to electroplated products.
Characteristics: Choosing diamond with special craft as the raw material; Low contents in magnetic impurities such as Fe, Ni, Mn, surface pureness. Applications: Electric coating, other applications that special required low content of impurities.
HHM-R: Friable micron diamond powder.
Characteristics: RVD as raw material; Appearing sharp-edged of cutting blade when being crashed under some pressure, excellent friable features; Irregular particle surface and shape-edged of corner cut.
Applications: Tungsten carbide, PCD workpieces processing, etc.
CBN-MP: CBN(cubic boron nitride) micron powder.
Characteristics: Narrow size distribution, small coefficient of verification; Low impurities, regular diamond shape.
Applications: Suitable for iron material processing.