Sell diamond wire saws

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The diamond wire saws can be considered as the most technologically
Advanced solution for cutting marble, granite and other stones with
The best results in term of low production costs and reduction of
Waste material. Compared to traditional methods, a quarry can be
Exploited as regards quality and varied needs. When squaring blocks
Diamond wires make full use of frames to improve overall production
And above all the save in sawing and energy cost.

(1) Nearly unlimited wall thickness
(2) The most widely, different materials
(3) Different cutting guides
4) Highest flexibility with the positioning of the machine
(5) Ideal with limited amount of space
(6) Can be done under the water

(1) For Granite Mine
Cutting item: Granite quarry
Size(mm) : 11.5ODX7IDX6L
Beads/meter: 40
Assembly: Rubber
Cutting object: Soft
Linear velocity(m/s) : 25-30
Cutting speed(m2/h) : 5-7
Service life(m2/h) : 12-18

Cutting object: Medium
Linear velocity(m/s) : 22-25
Cutting speed(m2/h) : 2-4
Service life(m2/h) : 8-12

Cutting object: Hard
Linear velocity(m/s) : 18-22
Cutting speed(m2/h) : 1-3
Service life(m2/h) : 7-9

(2) For Reinforced Concrete
Cutting item: Reinforced Concrete
Size(mm) : 11.5ODX7IDX5L
Beads/meter: 40
Assembly: Rubber+Spring
Cutting object: Low
Linear velocity(m/s) : 22-25
Cutting speed(m2/h) : 2-5
Service life(m2/h) : 2-6

Cutting object: Medium
Linear velocity(m/s) : 20-22
Cutting speed(m2/h) : 1.5-3.5
Service life(m2/h) : 1-2.5

Cutting object: High
Linear velocity(m/s) : 18-20
Cutting speed(m2/h) : 0.5-2
Service life(m2/h) : 1-1.5

Other specifications and sizes are available upon request.