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Diamond 71051000
RVD: Irregular shape, rough surface for resin bond tools.
MBD: Regular comparatively shape, smooth surface, high toughness for metal bond electroplated and drilling tools.
SMD: Regular shape, smooth surface, high toughness for sawing and drilling tools.
FI-MBD: FI-MBD are fine diamond crystals produced by special technology. The range of grain size is from 100/120 to 400/500. They have high strength, good transparency, yellow color and precise grain size, used in metal, vitreous, electroplated tools.
Nickel-coated synthetic diamond:The diamond crystal is coated with Ni, which can increase the cohesive strength between bond and diamond, It also prolongs the life of tools.
Diamond micro-powder:Diamond micro-powder is divide into precise and normal micro-powder with good crystals and accurate grain size. It is used in lapping, finishing grinding, high precision and ultra-high precision grinding and suited for resin8vitreous, metal bond system, lapping paste and loose abrading