Sell diaphragm valve

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Connection type:Clamp or Weld
Control mode:Manually operated(with seal adjuster)
Valve material:316L(304/316)
Connection:ISO, DIN-1, DIN-2, ASNE, GB, ISO, BS, JIS
Diaphragm: EPDM, PTFE/EPDM
Working temp:EPDM 130oC
Working pressure:EPDM 0~10bar
PTFE/EPDM 0~10bar
Features:Manual Diaphragm valve can be mounted on any position. Flow direction of
medium doesnt affect valve on/off. Its structure is compact, suitable for small space. It has many surface polishes, and no dead angle. And it can drain out automatically.
Service:Manual Diaphragm valve is typically used in fermentor, mixing tank, filling machine, freeze-drying equipment, sterile filter, water generator, PW, WFI convey and distribution, sterile fluid convey and CIP, SIP, etc.
Manual Diaphragm valve is widely applied to the fields, such as pharmacy, beer, food, beverage, fluid equipment, cosmetic and so on.