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Dichroic filters (color separation filters) are used in a variety of applications where it is necessary to isolate certain regions of the visible spectrum. A few of the more common applications are for use in color enlargers and photocopiers as light balancing filters. They are also very useful in any application where it may be desirable to separate the incident energy into two or more light beams. The following spectral curves are displayed at normal incidence, but for many applications, such as combining colors, it may be desirable to use them in the reflecting mode at a 450 angle of incidence.

It is applied in lens, movie camera, photocopiers, lighting and other optical field.

Size: 80mmx80mm (according to customer required size )

Specification: red/green/orange/yellow/blue/pink/purple

Average transmittance area Tave: >98%

Average reflectance Rave: >99%

Rejection slope wavelengh at 50% tolerance : <15mm