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Index name Value
Appearance white crystalline powder
Assay % >= 99.5
Moisture % <= 0.10
Ash % <= 0.03
Ca ppm <= 20
Melting point (terminal 209  212
point) 0C
Test of insoluble matter OK
Fineness Residue on 10
350um(40mesh) screen % <=

Molecular formula : C H N
Properties: dicyandiamide is white crystalline powder without hydrate, bitter , the MP is 207  212 0, decomposed if the temp. exceeds Mp. It can be dissolved in water, Hcl, ethanol and DMP, insoluble in Ether, benzen, chlorform andcarbon bisulfide. Its solution is neutral .

Uses: electronic grade dicyandiamide can be used as curing agent , adhesive, the material of electronic package, the material for surface package technology, it also can be used as the material of top-grade coating and medicine.