Sell die casting aluminium radiators

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TENICA radiator is made of aluminum alloy which enables anticorrosive stability that guarantees practically unlimited durability. They fit harmoniously in almost every modern or classic living environment because of their shaping and coloring
Die casting aluminum radiator, available wheelbases 350,500,600, modern and round shape easily adaptable to any milieu, also going towards the most exigent requests.
(1) Economical: Their short warm up time, and equally quick cool down time, ensures that heating is not wasted.
(2) Comfortable warmth:Becauses of their fast conduction properties, radiators respond quickly to changes in room temperature, giving even, and consistent warmth.
(3) Easy installation:Radiators are light to handle and is easy to install
(4) Less space:Because of their efficiency, construction and materials, radiators tend to be smaller in size than other heaters that give the same output.
(5) Looks Great: Radiator heaters looks great!