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Die Casting 01
Material: Aluminum A380
Dimension: 160W120W90mm
Weight: 0.370kg
Use: Aeroplane / Landing Gear
-Light Weight
-Thin-walled / 2.3mm
-Less machining
-High-quality surface
-4 axis CNC to ensure concentricity

General Introduction of Die Casting:
-Good dimensional tolerances are possible.
-Excellent part-part dimensional consistency.
-Parts requires a minimal post machining

-Economical only in very large quantities due to high tool cost.
-Not recommended for hydrostatic pressure applications.
-For castings where penetrant (die) or radiographic inspection not required.
-Only for non-ferrous materials.
-Difficult to guarantee minimum mechanical properties.

Recommended Application
-Use when quantity of parts justifies the high tooling cost.
-Parts are not structural and are subjected to hydrostatic pressure.
160 X 120 X 90 mm
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