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2. Detailed generator Description

Standards:generating sets meet GB/T2820 General Technical Specifications for Diesel
Generating Sets
Electric performance for generating sets
Rated Voltage:400/230V
Transient voltage regulation:+20%, -15%
Connection method:3 phrase,4 wires
Steady state voltage regulation<1:1%
Rated frequency:50HZ(option:60HZ)
Power factor 0.8 lagging
Rated speed:1500RPM(option:1800RPM)
Line voltage wave form distortion<=:5%
Frequency regulation: steady state<=:0-5%,
Transient state<=1:10%
3. Control system

The control panel provides HGM610 series generator controller. It can carry out functions including automatic start/stop, data measure and alarming. The controller uses LCD display, optional English display interface with operation easy and reliable.
 Precision measure and display of :
 Generator voltage(V)
 Generator current(V)
 Generator frequency(Hz)
 Generator active power(KW)
 Generator apparent power(KVA)
 Generator power factor
 Generator hours count
 Generator cumulate electric energy(KW/h)
 Generator temperature
 Generator oil pressure
 Start battery voltage
 Protection ( for engine) :
When generator operating fails in any of the conditions listed below, it will automatically shut down.
 High engine temperature
 Engine over speed
 Lubricating oil pressure low.
 Fail to start
 Protection (for alternator) :
 Overload
 Local indication:
The following indications is provided:
 Low oil pressure.
 High engine or cooling water temperature.
 Start fail
 Over Load.
Charger failure