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We are the manufactor of Digital carrier in China . the company's culture is "Excellent Quality, Perfect Service"
flyimage serial digital carrier compatible with most traditional minilab , composing the great digital minilab system , you can choice the suitable product base on your current situation and developing plan .
1) highest physical resolution on the market (DP300 useable 1920x1280, physical resolution 2048x1502)
2) USB 2.0 for data communication. No graphic card installation is needed.
3) No mechanical dithering. Thus device are very stable and low maintenance . .
DP101 USD 3400.00 Max size :6X8 (1280X720 resolution)
DP200 USD 4000.00 Max size :8X12 (1920X1080 resolution)
DP300 USD 5000.00 Max size :12X18 (1920X12802048X1502 resolution)
The excellent D-carrier has one year warranty on parts and can match all the Noritsu , Fuji , Agfa & Konica minilabs . complete installation manual and service manual will be supplied together with the machine .
tech team provide online support 9am-6pm monday through Saturday