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ALL MP4 function and quran function and camera for choice
Islamic Features:
5 Quran Recitations by: Shaikh Sudais / Minshavi / Ghamidi / Al-afasy / Maeeqali
25 Most Famous Holy Qur'an Translations:
(1) English (By Dr. Mohsin Khan) , (2) English (By M. H. SHAKIR) ,
(3) English(By Muhammad Pickthall) , (4) English(By Abdullah Yusuuf Ali) ,
(5) -English, (6) French, (7) Urdu(By Jalandhary) , (9) Turkish,
(10) Melayu, (11) Indonesian, (12) German, (13) Spanish(14) Dutch, (15) Portuguese,
(16) Italian, (17) Hausa, (18) Swahili, (19) Albanian, (20) Russian, (21) Azerbaijani,
(22) Chinese, (23) Bosnian, (24) Persian, (25) Uygur,

20 Most Famous Hadith Books:(1) -Riyadh-Us-Salehin (Arabic) (2) -Riyadh-Us-Salehin (English) (3) -Forty Hadith Qudsi (English) (5) -An Nawawi's Forty Hadith (Arabic) (6) -An Nawawi's Forty Hadith (English) (7) -Sahih Bukhari (Arabic) (8) -Sahih Bukhari (English) (9) -Sahih Muslim (Arabic) (10) -Sahih Muslim (English) (11) -Sunan Abu-Dawud (Arabic) (12) -Sunan Abu-Dawud (English) (13) -Sunan Al Nasaa'i (Arabic) (14) -Sunan Al Tirmizhi (Arabic) (15) -Sunan Ibn Maajah (Arabic) (16) -Malik's Muwatta (Arabic) (17) -Malik's Muwatta (English) (18) -Masnad Ahmad (Arabic) (19) -Masnad Shafi (Arabic) (20) -Mishkat Al-Masabhi (Arabic)
5 Most Famous Tafsir Books:
(1) -Tafseer Jalaleen (Arabic)
(2) -Tafseer Jalaleen (English)
(3) -Tafseer Ibn Kaseer (Arabic)
(4) - Tafseer Al-Tibri (Arabic)
(5) - Tafseer Al-Qurtabi (Arabic)
Prayer Times and Qibla Direction
Hijri and Gregorian Calendar facility
Isma-ul-Husna (Allah Names)
Duaa Khatmul Quran Voice with Arabic Text Recited by Sudais/Shuraim/Ajmi/Rifai
One year complete immediate replacement warranty for parts and labor.

MP4 Functions:
Built-In high pixel camera for photo snapshot and movie recording.
Highly sensitive built-in microphone for audio recording.
View photos, replay movies and listen audio clips
Can see movies of latest formats such as 3GP, MP4, AVI, AFS
AV out option to see movies/documentaries on external monitors like on TV.
A variety of nice games and Built-in Dictionary
E-Book facility where you can copy any book and read in the device.
Calendar, Calculator and Notepad Applications.
Sound on/off facility /Machine Stand-by option.
Light weight and smart designs

Packing Details:
Box dimension: 18*13.2*4.2CM 0.4KG
Carton dimension: 46*35*48CM 20KG/CTN 50PCS/CTN
Accessaries: Ear phone, User manual, Compass, USB cable, Charger, CD
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