Sell digital load cells

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Digital load cells with rated capacity: 10-600Tons, communication: 9600baudrs /second, RS485, electrical supply: DC10-15V , update rate: 50 readings/second

The Characteristic of Digital Weighing System:
Abundant and strong capacity, can satisfy the demand of the user;
Can use it without the usual indicator, the system more simple and stable;
Self-diagnose and show the detail data of load cell, can avoid huge loss while the sensor is out of order(indicate information by opening other window) ;
Adjusting and inspecting of the system be controlled by keyboard, so do not need to adjust junction box;
Sensor, indicator and weighing management control software don't need to be re-demarcated after replacing;
The data be kept when the power is broken;
Can connect at least 12 digital sensors;
Use the RS485 communication protocol, the max transmission distance is 1.2 kilometers;
The management software is easy to operate, keep data and neate, search, statistics, and backup;
Hi-tech and intelligent sensor, So they can prevent operator from cheating and mishandling;
Have a strong expansion, can manage system by server, monitor by video , control traffic lights and other complete project.