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PRODUCT: 1 Element AC Multi-parameter Digital Transducer
1. Series:
CE-AJ12-1----- 1 element, RS-485 interface, treble-isolated
CE-AJ12-2------1 element, RS-232C interface, treble-isolated
2. Specifications:

Input (measuring range) ------ AC 45-65Hz, voltage: 110V, 220V, 380V and 500V(or specially supply to meet user's other special requirement) , current: 1A, 5A, 15A, 25A (or specially supply to meet user's other special requirement)
Data output------RMS of voltage V, RMS of current I, frequency F, active power P, reactive power Q, power factor cosF, active energy, and reactive energy.
Output interface------RS-485: 2-wire connection, communication distance: 1200m, 115KV ESD protection.
RS-232C: S3 case style connects to special RS485/RS232C converter.
Accuracy grade------ frequency 0.05 Hz. Voltage, current, power factor, active power, reactive power, active energy, reactive energy: 0.5% grade. (Accuracy and linearity are ignored when the voltage is below 5%. )
Baudrate------ 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K bps
Refreshing period------ 250mS
Isolation voltage------ 2500V DC
System power consumption------ <200 mw (+12V)
Power source------ +5V, +12V, +15V, +24V, +48V DC (please specify any one of the five options in you order)
Operation temperature------ 00C ~500C
Storage condition------ -200C ~+800C (RH: 5%~95% no dew)
Case style------- S3(Window :F6.5 ) , N ( no window)
The address and baudrate of the transducer can be modified by use of software.
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