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77" 480x234 pixel TFT Screen

7Fashionable and thinner appearance.

7High brightness color LCD screen

7Special installation way for displaying digital photos without a computer. Insert the memory card into the photo frame to view the pictures, play MP3 music and movie files

7Support memory card: With 3 cards reader function read SD, MMC, MS card. Support USB HOST

7TFT/LCD modules with high resolution and adjustable contrast

7Slide show, repeat playback, play background music.

7Video output: can show digital photo on TV.

7audio-output: can connect with speakers

7With zoom in / out function

7Picture rotation function: 900, 1800, 2700

7Easily functioned by remote control or button adjustment, .

7Adjustable on the speed of photo display and transition interval at your casual.

7Built-in double audio stereo speakers

7Various decorative frame in style and color, at clients' selection.

7English / Spanish and other languages selectable.

7Supports Win 98 / Win Me / Win 2000 / Win XP.

7High pixel density for top quality photo display ( Display the

pictures with 16,000,000 pixels )

7Full colour display to show photos in print-like quality

7Brightness adjustable to match ambient light conditions