Sell digital satellite finder

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This is the first one intellectualized digital
satellite finder around world, needn't experience,
needn't other equipment. To use our product only, you would align dish simply and fast.
AZ, EL and PO self-calculated for providing initial
dish set-ups. Measure digital satellite signal, bit error ratio and carrier noise ratio quickly and accurately. Inside mass storage, you can save as much as 80 groups of satellite's parameter with it. Real time update satellite's parameter, provide RS232 port that can be used for communication with PC and download parameter from website.
Friendly graphic user interface makes operation
terse and simple.
Provise free-software for users around world.
To check satellite parameter wouldn't be difficult.
High quality, low price.

Technical data :
Frequency range: 950MHz~2150MHz
Signal level range: -65dBm~-25dBm
RF input connector: F type
Input resistance: 75ohm
Items of measurement :QPSK signal level, Bit error rate, carrier rate
Storage: 80 value of measurement, 80 configuration data
Mode of satellite finding: sound and LCD volume
LNBpowersupply:Horizontalpolarization+18V, <400mA

Vetical polarization+13V, <400mA
Total power: 8W
Connector: Rs232
Working temperature: 0~600C
Storage temperature: -20~700C