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LX-N2 box is a powerful engine that drives revenue-generating Digital Signage solution. the software is equipped to handle high-quality media of video and graphics. Using network, software can transmits and receives data over wired or wireless connections. Push and Pull file transferring mode. DHCP function.

1. Playback of digital video, graphic and text contents.
- Playback of digital video, graphic and text contents.
2. High quality digital and analog video output
-Provide one DVI-I output
-Provide one CVBS (composite video) output
-Provide one channel S-VHS (S-Video) output
3. Supports direct connection to LCD.
-LVDS panel interface.
4. Play list to control and schedule the playback.
-Programmable play list and schedule.24x7 reliability.
5. IDE and USB ports for optional content storage.
-One standard 44 pins IDE connector, supports DOM and HDD.
-Two USB type A for USB flash drive.
6. Transfer all content over Ethernet.
-Provide one standard 10/100 Ethernet RJ45 connector Controlled via Ethernet/RS-232/GPIO.
Interface to control external devices.
7. Supports wireless LAN connection.
-One MiniPCI for wireless function.
8. Fan less, compact PCB module.
-Compact board(5.7x4)
9. Stereo audio function.
-Audio output through stereo audio jack.
-Supports two channels, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Layers I, II and III(MP3) , 16 bit PCM,
bit rate up to 384kbps, sample rate up to 48kHz audio format.
10. Screen split function.
-The screen can be splited by different areas. diffent area show different contents, such as video, picture, texts.