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Solar Door Lock with Key and Swipe Card

The perfect door lock which integrates standard key lock, swipe card and solar energy to recharge the electric lock. There is no wiring as solar provides the energy to the rechargeable batteries. The smart - swipe card can be used for up to 256 users. If the card gets lost , just program a new card and the old card will be removed from the system. This is the first solar door lock solution in the world.


Intelligent circuit of battery recharging. --Recharging, even in weak light condition. --Use lithium battery. Longer life. --High security. --Solid brass handle and solid brass cover. --Easy to operate and responds very quickly.

More on swipe cards

Management Card: This lock can be run by 2 types of cards: Master Card and User Card. The Master Card has the topmost authority. It can open or close the door , setup or delete the User Card.

User card can open or close the door only.

What comes with the lock

3 keys

Master Card 1 pcs

User Card 1 pcs


1. Supply Voltage: DC 3.6V (500mAH Li-ion battery)

2. Standby Current : <3uA

3. Operating Current: 200 mA

4. Operating Temperature: -200C700C

5. Li-ion battery : more than 5 years