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The TDS1000 and TDS2000 Series digital storage oscilloscopes deliver an unbeatable combination of superior performance, unmatched ease-of-use and affordability in an ultra lightweight, portable package. The following contents are about the TDS 2000 series:
 Color LCD Display (TDS 2000 series) - assigns a different color for each trace and its related readouts for easy viewing of complex signals on multiple channels.
 Advanced Triggering - combines external trigger with advanced triggers such as pulse width and video with field and line selection. Makes complex characterization and debugging fast and easy regardless of operator's experience or application.
 autoset Menu with Waveform Selection - automatic detection of sine waves, square waves, video lines and fields, FFT and video signals - including rising and falling edges. Up to four different measurements for the signal displayed, plus a choice of views.
 Classic Analog-Style Controls for functions most used. Context-sensitive help. Multi-language user interface.
 Probe Check Wizard - Guarantees correct probe usage for error-free setting attenuation factor.
 Auto Measurements - 11 standard measurements via pushbutton for higher accuracy and efficiency during repetitive testing.
 FFt Function - Standard feature for all models, Fast Fourier Math function enables operator to view frequency and signal strength.
 220ppm Timebase