Sell digital ultrasound system-CX9000D digital

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Up-to-date digital ultrasound system.

1. Probe: 128 Arrays microconvex R60 3.5MHz , high-frequency linear probe 7.5MHz, microconvex R40 3.5MHz , microconvex R20 3.5MHz
2. Channels: 32
3. Gray scale: 256
4. Time filter, Space filter, Frame correlations, Gray scale switch
5. 4 stages of edge strengthen
6. 4 stages of smooth time managed
7. 8 Frame correlations, 16 Gray scale changed
8. 2B, 4B, B/M left and right, B/M up and down
9. 128 Frame continuous image storage

10. 8 stages of STC adjustment
11. Partial enlargement, 1,2,3,4 multiple for optional
12. image turnover up and down, left and right for optional
13. 1-4 focus for optional, 16 focusing situations for adjustment
14. Pesudo color
15. USB-port, USB printer connector
16. 120GB Hard disk, case history storage
17. CD-ROM, case history storage
18. Internet port, long-distance data transfer, long-distance update
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CX9000D digital
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