Sell digital voice recorder (MDT-RP001/002/003)

digital voice recorder (MDT-RP001/002/003) You May Also Be Interested In: adapter cable mp3 songs telephone recording
Recording player, we should give you more idea on that. The quality is quite good, and you should know more about our prices are quite competitive in the same field. Kindly be noted that until today, we have no defect goods from customers. We are very confidence of our product quality. For this kind we will do 6 times QC

Regularly, the contant of packages are as below:
1. tripod
2. adapter
3. adapter cable/audio cable
4. cable for telephone recording
5. PC interface cable
6. earphone
7. dual-core changeover plug
8 attached software CD
9. operation manual

More information:
We have three models
The functions are the same. The recording time:
32MB, download about 10 mp3 songs. "SP" recording, 133 mins; "LP" recording, 15 hours.
64MB, download about 20 mp3 songs. "SP" recording, 266 mins; "LP" recording, 30 hours.
128MB, download about 35 mp3 songs. "SP" recording, 532 mins; "LP" recording, 60 hours.
MDT-PR003, the qulity of recording is quite good. It only uses recording style "SP"