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USB wireless headphone/USB headphone/headphone/USB headset /USB cordless headset /computer headphone

Digital audio using 44.1 K 16 sampling, almost CD quality
. The use of forward error correction technology to avoid interference with transmission of music
. 2.4 GISM-band work in the application of various countries and regions in the world
. Transmission from 10 to 15 meters, suitable for a variety of portable notebook, desktop computer
. Receiving no signals automatically mute function, one minute automatic shutdown
. Automatic use of frequency hopping technology, so that the same space to accommodate dozens of Taiwan to use headphones
. Hi-fi mode and chat mode of choice, users can enjoy high-fidelity stereo music, but also be free to voice chat
. With CE , FCC, Rhos certification

Frequency range 2.4G-2.48GHz
. Modulation / demodulator way FSK
. Transmitting power 0
. Frequency response 20Hz-15KHz
. Separation > 70dB
. Distortion: 1%
. S/N Ratio: > 70dB
. Power : a, launchers used computer USB direct power supply
b, Receive headphones 2 W 7 # battery
. working : 10 hours to 20 hours