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As a global brand, we are the largest lighting dimmer manufacturer in Taiwan and have 30 years professional experience in manufacturing lighting control system (stage and architectural lighting control system) with a factory over 3000 square meters in China Shanghai, over 90% of our products are exported to overseas. OEM or ODM is also available.

We have a lot of items to cooperate. I listed on the following:

DJ/Club/Disco control touch panel: TX-1202

Stage dimmers: DX-1220, DX-610, DX-F01, DX-F02, other DX Series.

LED dimmer module: DX-303, DX-305

Moving head (Computer light) dimming console: CX-5

Stage dimming consoles: CX-12, Junior, CX-3, CX Series.

Fluorescent dimmer pack: EDX-F04 (T5 Fluorescent lamps)

LED controller: DPE-300, DP-E4000, DP-E450

LED lighting control system: DPE-300(DP-E4000, DP-E450) , DP-12, DP-11, Hub, Computer

Architectural lighting control systems :( 1) EDX-610, Remote controller, ECP control panels, Hub, DP-E300 (DP-E450) , Computer, lighting control software, ADSL

(2) CP-2B (CP-3B) , DP-6B, DP-11, DX-1220

Our stage and architectural lighting control catalogues can be download online from