Sell directly buried armored fiber cable

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Loose Tubes some with fillers stranded around the central strength member to from the cable core, the cable core longitudinally bound by aluminum ployethylene laminate, further bonded to the inner PE sheath
Moisture barrier and then corrugated steel tape laminated with polyethylene on both sides, finally sheathed with medium density pllyethylene under vacuum condition.
Good mechanical, tension-resisitant, crush resistant, remperature and transmissi on performance.
High Young's modulus phosphatized steel wire s central strength member.
The loose tubes, cable core and all interstces filled with moistrre-proof gel and compound, prevent water ingress longitudinally.
Laying methods: Direct buried.
Temprature rang::-400 ~ +600
Fiber count:2-144 core

Compliant with:ANSI, Bellcore, TIA/EIA-568A
IEC/ISO 11801 Strandards